Our decade of experience in conducting teacher trainings, our proven learning system and our dedication to quality means you'll develop fantastic skills to teach with confidence and flair

Nadean's Testimony

"If you are interested in aerial, this is the course for you.
The course was brilliant. It’s all laid out for you. The videos are so easy to follow. The manual is clean and fresh and welcoming. It all makes you feel you can do it.

I did it at a time when my life was so busy – I was working full time, I was getting married in a month, I am a wife and mother and even leading up to Christmas, I was able to fit it in around everything." 

The experience of doing the course was amazing. I would highly rate it to anyone who want to give aerial a go." 

Nadean Harvey, Graduated to become an Aerial Teacher

Mady's Testimony

"I would say to anyone who is thinking about doing this course, absolutely do it!"

Mady loved being a student of aerial before deciding to take the AFI training. Due to the clear structure and instruction, on graduation Mady felt confident and ready to teach. Mady aims to open her own studio.

“This course is for everyone. I feel fully capable with everything I have learnt in this course to be able to teach a class that is safe and welcoming and fun for everyone. I feel like everyone can do it."

Mady F, Graduated to become an Aerial Teacher

Louisa's Testimony

Louisa completed the course while working full time in the television industry. She began teaching aerial immediately on graduation in 2020 and has continued to teach several classes a week to keep the sense of lightness, fun and fizz in her life.

Louisa had this to say during her training:

“I would definitely recommend the training.
 The quality is excellent. I love the way everything is broken down so simply and so clearly explained and it’s very easy to follow. The tutorials are easy to follow, easy to understand and it’s very easy to work on your own. It’s not daunting and I’ve got the support when I need it.’’

Louisa E, Graduated to become an Aerial Teacher

Steph's Testimony

Hi, I’m Christina Brown, Course Director at the Aerial Fitness Institute

I've been teaching since 1996 and trained teachers to teach since 2007. I am also the author of 6 books on yoga including the bestselling series The Yoga Bible and The Modern Yoga Bible.

I also share the love of aerial, yoga and Pilates from my studio in Sydney, Australia